Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dogs behaving badly

Well I've been terrible about walking the dogs lately. My life has been all out of balance and I haven't managed to get them out more than once a week in the last few months since my surgery. Today I've resolved to change that.

Normally I reserve those new resolution type things for Mondays but I didn't want to wait for another one to come around.

The school I walk past has sprouted a beautiful covered basketball court and walkway out of the construction debris that was there last time I came by.

The same little clutch of doggie parents was gathered at the park with their pets, unleashed and much better behaved than mine.

Baxter and Norma recognized when it was time to go berserk at their dog-friend's house, but somehow didn't do so. I rewarded them with "good doggies" profusely.

Here's hoping this is going to be a trend!


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