Saturday, January 28, 2006

Money is no object

when it comes to wasting my money - I am seriously bad about impulse buying. I'm the one they're trying to attract with those displays of tiny hand sanitizers and Sponge Bob toothpaste by the checkout. I am paranoid about running out of stuff so I buy too much and too early. And I'll buy almost anything if it's cheap enough. Sigh.

Here are some examples of recent purchases, off the top of my head:

- A 4lb bag of chana dal (tiny Indian yellow split chickpeas.) I have one (1) recipe for these which calls for 3/4 cup. If you need some, I can seriously hook you up.

- A pair of men's size 8 black pointy rockabilly type cowboy boots. These will not fit me or anyone I know. But they were only $7.

- A lucite sticky note caddy with space for two pens and some paper clips. Also a rainbow colored block of sticky notes.

- Three one-pint containers of red kidney beans. My recipe called for a cup and a half. (See Top 10 reasons why I'm in a bad mood today.)

- A 50lb bag of insanely expensive cat litter made from corn cobs. I strongly suspect that the cat doesn't even like this new brand of cat litter. (See Art work that has been pissed on.)

- A pamphlet of recipes especially formulated for Pot Luck dinners. I bought this because of the cover which features chocolate brownie-type bars with a huge layer of peanut butter topping. I do not eat sugar.

- Four extremely cute summer dresses which do not fit me, one of which will never fit me, wouldn't have fit me even when I weighed 113lbs. Will not fit anyone I know. But they were $5 each.

- A sack of Arrowroot flour. I searched three stores before finding it. I have never used it. Not once.

- A five pound bag of Splenda. The box I already have is still half full. I do not have room in my pantry for this kind of behavior.

- A beautiful pair of pink torture heels. I tried wearing these once. Bought an entire outfit to go with them. I wanted to saw my feet off at the ankle and just walk on the stumps. But they were only $14. Aren't they fabulous??

I could probably go on but I'm getting sort of depressed for some reason.


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